What We Do


In their combined experience, members of the collective have written hundreds of articles that have appeared in national and international publications, and numerous best-selling books that have been translated into other languages.

Several of our consultants have completed research that focuses on school leadership, collective efficacy, online learning and professional development, as well as equity and how to safeguard marginalized populations. That research guides the content they present as well as is at the heart of all of the research-based publications they have written. 

Additionally, all of our consultants have been trained in John Hattie's Visible Learning Research, and several of them have written articles with Hattie and present with him nationally and internationally. 

Our publications are research-based and so is the way we approach our workshops and coaching. 

Keynotes and Workshops

Our collective of consultants/authors provide keynotes, workshops and breakouts that focus on: 

  • Instructional leadership
  • School climate
  • Equity
  • Collective teacher efficacy
  • Collective leader efficacy
  • Marginalized and indigenous populations
  • Women in leadership
  • Instructional coaching
  • PLC Leadership 

Besides keynotes, our collective offer workshops that are one to multiple days, and we offer intensive coaching that takes place over one or more years to provide deep relationships and maximum impact. 

Additionally, Jenni Donohoo and Peter DeWitt, two of our members, have had their work adopted at the state and university level, and consistently present nationally and internationally. Individually, they provide competency-based workshops that focus on helping participants collect evidence to understand their impact. 


We provide in-person and virtual coaching for school leaders, as well as, instructional coaches, PLC leads and department chairs. We understand how difficult leadership can be, because most of our consultants have held building and district positions. 

We also understand that coaching needs to look different based on the individuals or teams we coach. An instructional coach, PLC Lead or department chair may be in a leadership position without a leadership background. Those individuals need help understanding how to navigate through difficult conversations with colleagues, and how to help collect evidence and understand the evidence they collect. 

Additionally we provide leadership coaching. Leadership coaching can be done individually or in teams of leaders (i.e. principals and assistant principals, principals, AP's and instructional coaches, etc) to help those teams build collective leader efficacy, where they not only trust one another, but also have a positive impact on student learning.

Some of the topics we explore are:

  • Developing common language/common understanding
  • Feedback
  • Student engagement rather than time on task
  • School climate with a focus on learning

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